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Oculus Quest 2 - Controller Keybinds

Level 2

Hello Friends,


I am new here and am interested in getting the Oculus Quest 2, but I have a concern about the controllers. A couple of friends just recently bought the Oculus 2 and I got to try it out and loved it! So, my concern is about the keybindings on the controllers, specifically the right handed controller. My right hand has a deformity, which allows me to play Claw naturally on normal console controllers. My question is - Can you change the trigger keybinds or any keybinds at that? I appreciate the read and any help. Thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Jordan! Although custom key binds are not an option, you can connect your favorite game pad. Any controller using 3.0 Bluetooth can be connected and used on the Quest 2. Certain titles offer game pad support and would allow you to play them as you would on your favorite console. We do want to be of more support and would love to see this idea posted on the idea forums where other users can give their tips and also vote on your post to make it more noticeable. We hope this helped! 

Level 5

@OculusSupport I think custom keybinds are a great idea that would help a lot of users like Jordan here.


SteamVR does it, and it'd do well for quest users since so many quest games are PCVR derivative.