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Oculus Quest 2 Floor always too high

Level 2

Got a new Oculus Quest 2 only 2 days ago, ive used it for about 2 hours and have realised every single game on it is completely unplayable because it always detects the floor as too high, so in every game i cant reach the floor, and my head is too high up. I tried resetting the gaurdian level and changing settings in multiple games, restarted the oculus a few times, nothing works. I came on here and found tons of other people are having this exact problem and have been for a long time, but there has never been a fix and clearly oculus has never responded or tried to fix it despite knowing about the bug, so should i just return it? Really sucks that oculus couldnt make a device work straight out of the box, especially something this expensive. Insanely incompetent