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Oculus Quest 2 Guardian tracking lost

Level 2

Hello, when I turn on my Oculus Quest 2, it says that the tracking is lost right when I first turn it on. It has been doing this for a little while, as in, this just started today. Is my Oculus Quest 2 damaged? I live in a crowded apartment, so that could be. When will the next headset update come out? I have access to a big enough spot for my Guardian. I have tried it multiple times and almost every time I have turned it on, the tracking lost message pops up. Before today, 10/27/2021, it has always gone straight to the Guardian. How do I fix this problem?  


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there z157! Let's troubleshoot this together so you can enjoy your Quest 2 to the max again! Here are some things you can try:

-Make sure the lighting in your play space isn't too bright or too dark.

-Try another room to see if tracking improves.

-Ensure your Quest 2 is fully charged.


If you require more help past this, send us a private message and we'll get this squared away. Thanks!