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Oculus Quest 2 Link problems

Level 2
Hello everyone, I have pulled every hair out of my head to solve this issue and my nerves are shot. I have an Oculus Quest 2. I have used a link cable to connect it to my PC and for the most part it was working fine. I could not run Phasmophobia but thought it was Steam. I could run Bridge Commander with no problem.  So here is where the problems begin. I bought Pavlov and it started out ok but the sound seemed low. Then I bought VTOL VR. It ran the first time but the sound was low as well. Now I can launch SteamVR but when I start a game, like VTOL the splash screen flickers and then I lose connection with the link. Sometimes I can get in the game but its a slide show and the sound is stuttering. Pavlov runs ok, Phasmophobia disconnects the link.  Bridge Commander starts up but the sound stutters real bad. I cant really play any games on the PC. 

I was using a 3rd party link cable but went out and bought the Oculus Cable with the same result. I have spent a lot of money on this to play games on Steam and now its unplayable. I have searched the net and I have tried everything. Please help if you can.

i7-7700 cpu, 1070 GPU, 16 gigs of ram. I am using SSD drives.  

Level 3
did the quest upgrade to v25 download into your quest? did it run ok with the v23? 
I see your other posts so it has to be the v25 still waiting on a fix if not going for return since it's 300.00
and I can't run anything

Level 3

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey there, do you experience this problem when using Oculus Home as well? If so, please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs so that we can look further into this and work to get Link back up and running. Thanks!