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Oculus Quest 2 - Pairing Problem

Level 2

where do I put in the pairing code? (both PC app and mobile app have absolutely ZERO option for inputting the code)


"unable to communicate with oculus quest 2"

"location access is needed for blah blah blah"


ALL OF THESE I HAVE GOOGLED AND TRIED EVERYTHING even with my oculus quest 2 linked with a cable I still can't get it to get past the pairing/code screen


Level 2

Hey Curgus,

I had the same problem a week ago, the problem was my android version (Old Huawei phone with Android 5.1.1).
Everything I tried failed, so I bought a new phone with Android 10 on it : Work like a charm.
(The code was never ask btw, the problem is location not detected by the app)

Once you pair the headset, you can delete the App = If you got a friend with a recent smartphone, use it to pair the headset with your Oculus account, then delete the App 🙂

Then, Enjoy VR because this headset is a GOOD ONE !