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Oculus Quest 2 - Stuck on Link Black loading screen 3 dots

Level 2
Hey guys so recently I had a problem where when I tried to launch link through my quest 2 with a usb c cable it would get stuck on a black loading screen and take me back to the quest 2 menu, what I found out through Reddit and discord is that quiet a few people have had this issue and no success in resolving it.

I managed to resolve it myself today with these steps and I hope it can help you out to if you have the same issue.

•Go to device manager 

• Find your gpu on device manager and right click it 

• click the option called “ update driver” on your gpu 

• let it automatically search for a new driver ( do not use GeForce experience or look through your files for drivers!!!)

• once a driver has been successfully found and downloaded, reset your pc quickly and power off your quest 2

• turn your pc and quest 2 on again, try to launch link and this time it should work 

hope this helps you guys. I had many attempts from oculus team trying to help me but I never thought to just update the drivers the fix could really be this simple.