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Oculus Quest 2 Wireless Connection Trouble

Level 2



I'm using a very specific setup so it might be hard to reproduce. The problem arises when using a PC VR setup, connecting Oculus Quest 2 to PC in a particular way. Instead of using a router for Air Link functionality, I create a hotspot on my PC and connect the headset to it using the local network hosted by my PC.
It works correctly until I enter Discord voice chat, which causes the vision on the headset and controller tracking to completely break. Vision field changes from 360 degrees to two flat screens, one in front of me and one behind me, the second one being upside down. The rest of the VR area is just a "black screen", jumping around as I turn to look to the side. Audio from my side on the Discord voice chat also stutters a lot, it's impossible to tell what I'm saying.

I tried other communicators such as Steam voice chat or even Slack with my friends, and they work fine. Any idea why Discord is causing this problem? Maybe it's some sort of network priority?


Thanks for help in advance.