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Oculus Quest Daily Deal is missing in the UK

Level 3

Just wanted to let you know that this is the second day in a row, and the third time this month that the daily deal hasn't had a price drop in the UK store. Is the person dealing (no pun intended) with this off sick? I only ask because I make YouTube videos highlighting and actively promoting the daily deal on youtube and the Facebook Quest groups, and for the UK there is no deal! 

The daily deals that weren't are:

Prison boss VR (today 26th September)

Zombieland headshot fever (25th September)

And DeathLap on 14th September. 









Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Thank you so much for your continued patience while we look into this. Some features and options may vary depending on region. In the case of the daily deals, some games may only be available in certain regions. Sometimes things will be regional specific and sometimes features and changes will roll out to other locations. Thanks for letting us know! We hope you're enjoying your time in VR!