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Oculus Quest Right Controller not working

Level 3
Basically I just got my quest today and I love it to death but randomly the right controller stopped working. It tracks fine but both triggers dont work, the regular a and b buttons work. I tried changing the batteries which done nothing, restarting the vr, and doing tutorial like 3 times. Something I noticed is when doing the tutorial the animations dont work for you hand on the right at all. Also I realized that the right trigger is constantly down (not physically but in game its always as if its constanyly being pressed down. PLEASE can someone help Im desperate and really want to use this vr.

Level 4
My right one has quit completely on day one

Level 5
This is happening to to many people for oculus to ignore and not fix. We cant use it at all without the right controller. So the whole time were all waiting, we all feel like we wasted 500 bucks. Because we cant even get a reply for like 2 days