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Oculus Remote not Showing in Unity

Level 2

The Oculus remote is literally not showing up for me in Unity at all. Unity wont even detect it. (Debug.Log(OVRInput.GetConnectedControllers()) returned none) I have the OVR Manager on a prefab in the scene and I also installed the Oculus integration with Unity Package. I'm at my wits end as why its not working. My unity version is 2019.4.31 and I tried upgrading the project and that didn't even work. The controller itself is working for other games but Unity just refuses to detect that it even exists.

Please help.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey thedoggymix! We see your controller is not showing up in Unity and we'd like to do what we can to help with this. Here are some tips that help with controller issues: 


- Remove batteries for a couple of minutes and re-insert them

- Try new/different batteries

- Reboot the headset

- Try re-pairing the controllers


Click here for the instructions to unpair and re-pair your controllers. 


If you still need help after taking these steps, here is the link to Unity Support. You can receive tips that are specific to Unity. 


Thanks for reaching out.