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Oculus Rift CV1 Blank in left eye

Level 2

I'm trying to get an Oculus Rift CV1 to work, and no matter what I do I can only get an image out of the right eye. The left eye is blank/black.

I have tried this in a 6700K system with a 1050ti, and I have tried this in an r5 3600 system with an RX 480 8GB. In either system I have used HDMI to the card's HDMI port, as well as trying an HDMI-DVI adapter, and neither worked.

I have also tried to use every combination of USB 3 and USB 2 ports, to no avail.

I have restarted each computer, over and over, and I have uninstalled the Oculus software, deleted the folder in Program Files, emptied the trash, restarted the computer, and reinstalled the software.

I have updated my video drivers on both computers.

I have tried to clicks 'update drivers, search automatically' on my USB devices in Device Manager, and this has not worked either.

I have pulled the cord out of the headset, and I have re-seated it, and this did not work.

I have also tried going into an application (Google Earth for Oculus), and it was still only the right eye working.

It's a shame, as the unit is otherwise pristine, and the one eye and tracking seems to work without any issues.

Is this a defective unit / defective cord? Should I give up on this unit?

Any advice would be helpful. I'd love to enjoy this device.


- James


Level 15

You might contact oculus support and see if they have any further suggestions, although it sounds like you have tried just about everything.  Could be a problem with your cable but impossible to say for sure and pretty hard to find spares, maybe eBay?

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

If nothing you’ve tried gives an image in the left eye, then it’s almost definitely a problem with the headset itself. The CV1 has one screen for each eye, rather than a single screen showing both eye images like Rift S, Go, and Quest 2. Seems like the left screen is dead.

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@nalex66 I don’t think .it’s definitely a dead screen but it possibly could be, or maybe a screen ribbon cable has popped off in transit?  Who knows?  Hopefully the person who bought it can get a refund.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there OssingtonAvenue,


We're sorry to hear you're continuing to have issues with your left eye appearing blank/black. Don't worry we'll get you in the right direction to get back to gaming soon!


Thank you for attempting multiple troubleshooting steps. Please submit us your Oculus Logs, as well as the troubleshooting steps you attempted by opening an Oculus Support ticket. We will take a deeper look into what's causing the problem and discover the best available options for you.


We look forward to getting to the bottom of this for you.


Have a great weekend!