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Oculus Rift CV1 display tilted to the left

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Just got my brand new Oculus Rift CV1, and everything I see is always tilted significantly to the left (counterclockwise) of where it should be. This is super noticeable with the warning screen, the horizon, and any menus and UI elements that should be level with the ground.

I've seen a few posts about other people experiencing this issue, and heard that some people were given access to a special calibration tool that was able to fix the problem. I've contacted support but so far they haven't been able to help, just asked a bunch of questions and got me to update my graphics drivers. Haven't heard from them in a while so I assume they're either out of ideas or taking a long weekend. It's frustrating because this is clearly something that could be fixed with software if I only had the option to manually fine-tune the gyroscope readings.

Anyone else have any recent experience with this issue, or even access to the special calibration tool?

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I have the same problem, have yet to see any solution posted......

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This is a widespread issue with the Rift and you need to ask support to email you the IMU calibration tool -  which may or may not work (partly depends on how 'flat' you are able to lay your Rift during the calibration process). 

This is a widespread issue with the Rift though It seems to me the tilt is noticeably less in my unit now that the hot/humid weather has left the UK.

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Same problem in a 3 days left CV1 unit...  :#

How I do open a ticket to Oculus Support? All the options in customer support take me into this forum.

Having bought my CV1 in Amazon, I'm considering a return/replacement is this issue is not solved in pair of days.


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Thanks @OpticKing

I have downloaded the tool from here → , and doesn't work for me at first attempt. Tomorrow I will try again, with the HMD cooler... ¬_¬

It is unfortunate that a 700 € HMD present these kind of issues.

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To be honest, when compared to other HMD's throughout the years, the rift is super high fidelity and really cheap. It's not so much oculus letting these faults through, as much as it's the sheer vastness of pc configuration (hardware AND software) that is causing issues that oculus gets blamed for. Almost every issue I've seen up till now has been cause by either driver compatibility or microsoft updates.

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¿This issue is caused by driver compatibility or a Microsoft Update, OpticKing? 

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almarm74 said:

¿This issue is caused by driver compatibility or a Microsoft Update, OpticKing? 

I wasn't referring to this issue specifically, just a generalizing estimate of most issues I've seen. I was actually talking about your statement that a 700 € HMD would have these issues. Merely pointing out that most HMD's up until this point were much more expensive with much worse specifications.

You may have read this already, but if not perhaps it might help.

I think it is recommended that you unplug the rift and leave it unplugged for at least an hour if not more. And ANY vibrations can cause errors and mess up the calibration, so tread lightly. Good luck, and I hope you can get your issue fixed.

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Yeah my first Rift did not have this problem by my second and current one does. I really ought to put a ticket in for it I suppose.