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Oculus Rift Cv2 Bad Sensor Tracking and Audio loss as soon i out the HDM on

Level 2


I have a frustrating problem as soon as i put my HMD on and Oculus home is loading i lose audio on my Rift and the green dots of my sensors in the oculus home are both turning orange and says bad sensor tracking.

I also got stuttering when i look into the hmd

When i plug the HMD in a different usb3.0 port it automaticaly change to usb2.0

Did someone have a solution for this?


( it worked fine just a year ago on same system )


Here are my specs and what i already did ; (


Tried out to put the sensor in different positions.

Bought and installed a seperate powered USB3.0 pcie Card.

Tried out some different usb controller drivers

Plugged the Sensors and the HDM into different usb3.0 plugs.

Tested my Usb3.0 with different usb3.0 hardware..portable hdd for example ( works fine )

disabled power saving options for all usb devices

made Bios Update for my MB

Installed latest drivers for almost everthing.

Also installed fresh win10 OS as last soloution. Nothing changed : (


Windows 10 home 64bit

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01 GHz

16gb ddr4 ram at 2400mhz

Gtx 1070 graphics card

Mainboard: Asus Z170-A