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Oculus Rift Home doesn't load properly using Oculus Quest 2 after making object too big

Level 2

I was messing around with my items in the home and made the laser pistol too big which sent things flying, then I couldn't move so I closed Oculus Link and loaded it back up. Now when I go to home it goes extremely laggy for a good while and I am kind of in the gun it is big. I did after awhile manage to grab it again but it wouldn't scale. I can't seem to move or you use the left control to open home menu.

My question is, is there any other way to reset my Oculus Rift home to default without actually going into the home first? I have looked online but I am not having any luck.


Level 2

This is how it looks as soon as I go into home and after awhile. When the multiplayer message comes up I can look around, but I can't open the home menu, move or grab anything. I did try going through and tried to open up another place I had, but still nothing happening than a white screen.


What it looks like when I first go to home.What it looks like when I first go to home.