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Oculus Rift - Orange led / General Device Problem [Please help]

Level 2
So I've had Oculus now for a few months now & barely had problems, suddenly without doing any changes on my pc. I noticed that the headset led won't turn white anymore. Checked task manager and noticed oculusdash.exe wasn't active. Tried closing OVRServer and to restart the Oculus server, led aswell as oculusdash still didn't start. Restarted the pc, same thing, neither work. Now the weird catch though, in oculus devices it's showing the rift as "Green/Connected" but from time to time I will get a notification on the bottom left corner saying "Hardware Error the Headset isn't working properly" and the "Green/Connected" icon will change to "Orange" saying "General device problem" but it will go back to green again after a few seconds. What can I do ? Things I tried are

1. cleaning display drivers & reinstalling
2. reinstalling oculus & repair
3. checking all ports and connections, aswell the cable on the headset 

Level 2
Here are the logs aswell