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Oculus Rift S Frequent Crashes, Audio Loss and Needing to Redo the Setup Process

Level 2
I have owned an Oculus Rift S ever since December of last year and been having non-stop issues with it ever since. I have a computer that exceeds the minimum requirements (a 1080ti with other parts that accommodate it and allow me to run many non-VR games in 4K 60+ fps at max or nearly max settings, such as the recently released Doom Eternal). My issues have ranged from being unable to play any game, whether it is an Oculus Store exclusive such as Robo Recall, or Steam VR games such as Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades or The Lab without crashes occurring every 1-45 minutes. I have never had a session that lasted more than an hour without a crash.
Sometimes the Oculus Rift S display goes black with red lights indicating a crash or error, sometimes it will freeze on a single frame of the game I was playing, then go black, and sometimes it will lose audio but not crash, or lose audio followed by a crash a minute or two later. I have done all of the recommended checks I can find such as making sure I am not running incompatible software such as the Razer Cortex (I do not have any known incompatible programs installed), I make sure I am not running my main monitor in HDR mode each time, and I make sure I am not running any unnecessary programs, aside from Discord, which I had on today while trying to set up my Rift S' guardian boundary once again today, which I was ultimately unable to do as not only did I need to re-pair the controllers again, which I was only able to get working after closing all instances of the Oculus app for the setup and re-opening it about 4 times, but was also interrupted by crashes whenever I was in the middle of drawing the boundary no matter how quickly or slowly I tried to draw it.
I also need to unplug the Rift S from my computer every time I turn the PC off since if it is plugged in (at least the USB plug, not the Display Port plug), I will lose use of my keyboard and mouse until I unplug the Rift S's USB plug and reboot the PC. I have recent drivers but not the latest since I heard they had issues (I have the Doom Eternal drivers: 442.74). I have had the issue with losing control of my keyboard (a G710+) and also my Razer mouse (not using Razer Cortex) on earlier drivers as well, which I had been keeping up to date through December when I got my Rift S until Doom Eternal's drivers.
I would really appreciate any help since my experiences with VR have been entirely unplayable due to these issues combined and I am unable to play any of the VR games I want for more than a few minutes without technical interruptions, leaving me feeling frustrated and with buyer's remorse.
I have also included my Oculus Setup log as I have seen been recommended to include.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @Cavou, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like you done quite a bit of troubleshooting. Could you please contact support here with your full Oculus Diagnostic logs so we look into this for you? The Oculus Diagnostic logs will provide more useful information for your issue. Thanks! -Rick

Level 2
Thank you very much for replying to me! I really appreciate it. I have submitted a new ticket, but for the ticket I was only able to upload the full diagnostic log for 1 day, not for 3 or 7. I am including the 7 day full log here and will be linking this thread in the support ticket.

Level 2
I'm having the same issue with my brand new Oculus Rift S (on a ge73 raider rgb 8rf). I have seen it can be caused by too low usb power supply, but not sure how to solve it...