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Oculus Rift S No Video After Firmware Update 7/5/2019

Level 3
I am so disappointed. Oculus software said update required.  After the update successfully installed I have no video whatsoever in headset. Tried to perform setup, still no video in headset at all.  What the heck???

Level 6
I faced similar “black screen” issue before, fixed after a re-plugin of DP and USB and restart computer. After upgrade to 1.39 patch I have never get black screen issue yet..

Level 7

Did you apply the device update also?

I performed the Oculus update but didn't get round to using my HMD until the next day, and when I put my headset on, all I had awas a black screen and two amber LEDs.

I forgot I'd performed an update the previous day, so I launched the Oculus desktop software, and low and behold, I see a red banner at the top asking me to perform device updates. 

Once I did that everything returned to normal functionality.

Leeds, UK.

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Level 3
Yes, I also did the device updates. I had to remove and reinsert the DP and USB cables as Fangzhou stated and that worked but now it has happened again.  I never had this issue with the original Rift or with the Rift S until this latest update. This is a bit of a PITA.