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Oculus Rift S RMA process.

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can anybody tell me if they had a problem with Oculus RMA process like me.


The headphone jack on my headset broke, and I contacted the support just to know how expensive would it be to fix it. They asked me about the invoice, and after sending it over, they told me to ship it to them so  they could replace it for a refurbished one. It's been full three weeks since they have received it, with no updates, I contacted their support three times, first to confirm they received the product. After they told me it would take like 8 business days, I contacted them nearing the end of that time frame, only to be informed that they "are processing" the RMA, and that now it would take 8-12 business days, no info on what what going on with the headset, only that they were working on it. I contacted them again, same story, they are working on it, and don't have any updates or a possible timeframe. I was about to contact them again but I chose to ask here, to check whether this is a common thing, because while I don't have a problem with waiting, I would like to know at what stage my RMA is. An update like "we are waiting for parts", or something, or "this can take up to a month", so that I wouldn't need to worry, and so that I wouldn't bother their customer support every week.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.


You don't get a true representation on a public support forum but I get a very strong feeling that almost everyone struggles with RMAs at the moment. My son sent his headset off for RMA yesterday so we'll see but I wouldn't expect a quick turnaround. I don't think they have the stock.


Perhaps lots of peoples 64GB units "failed" when the 128GB headset was released and Oculus are struggling to find enough refurbished devices to replace them with. It's possible that 256GB replacements will be quicker.

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In my case it's about Rift S, so they had a lot of time to stock up on refurbished ones :D, or maybe they ran out of them. Still, any kind of actual update would be nice.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there byczke, we're sorry to hear that your RMA has been processing longer than expected. We would love to give you an update on your order!


Please provide the following information through DM or by submitting a ticket:

  • Full Name
  • Oculus account email
  • Oculus alias
  • Serial number, order number OR previous ticket number

Thank you for your continued patience while we resolve this issue!

I have sent the requested information in a DM.

Not really, it seems like they have very little to no stock of Rift S ones available, it's likely the only reason they are offering anything is I'm assuming yours is under some kind of warranty so they are required to. For everyone else (like myself) they are being refused support. Support notoriously misleads on these forums to make it seem like that is not the case by dodging the subject, but they are only saving face.


Good luck, hopefully they get back to you, but be forewarned that once you're out of warranty next time you are S.O.L. and it isn't getting fixed.

I contacted the support through DM's and they told me that they don't have any updates yet for me but my headset is being handled by the advanced Oculus team, I don't really know what that means, but it's better than being told that they received it and that they are processing my RMA which could also just mean, that them receiving my headset is the "processing" part 😄