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Oculus Rift - Shaking/floating issue - HELP

Level 2
Today after a few days not flying (I only use my headset for flight sims), I noticed something very strange with my headset. I noticed it when I sat in the cockpit looking completely straight. The cockpit was moving/shaking/floating ever so slightly, barely noticable, and even less so because when you sit with the headset on you're never 100% still. 

But the effect was just noticable enough so that became super annoying over time. I did some testing where I put my headset down on the table and looked at my PC monitor. Here it was very noticable as well. 

See youtube video:

My headset is laying still on the table. After a while it "settles", but this is not really usable since you're moving your head all the time in VR.

All oculus drivers are up to date, and running Nvidia 417.35 driver.
6700k @ 4.7 GHz
Gtx 1080 at 2050 MHz
32 GB ram
500 GB ssd samsung evo

Level 5
you might need imu calibration tool to fix it, contact support and they send you with instructions