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Oculus Rift USB problem

Level 2
My Rift have some problems with USB on my computer.

I have a motherboard X99A Gaming Pro Carbon from MSI.
My sensors have a red error at setup (it never do that before, or I don't remember), and it says that USB is incompatible or sensors have bad localisation. I can use my sensors anyway, but in game, my controllers and my face seems to move, like they can't be fully dectected at their good place in the environment.

For end, I have some problems with USB with my sensors sometimes, I hear connexion/deconnexion sound from windows at variable times
What can I do for that ? I'm really dispointed ๐Ÿ˜ž

Level 4
Hi it could be a bandwidth issue, you could try changing to different USB slots like , the headset in a USB 3 or 3.1 then a sensor in USB 2 and the other sensor in a USB 3. hopefully that help, if not you could always get a PCI Express card,  The inateck 4 port USB 3.0 hub is recommended by Oculus , its not that expensive , i got mine from amazon.

It needs to be plugged in to a power connection in your pc , the cable that i got with mine was really short and i needed to get a longer one , so you might want to get one with it if you can, one more thing is let windows install the drivers for the card, the ones on the disk i got with it were old.

I have two sensors plugged into the PCI card and the headset on a USB 3 on the motherboard.