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Oculus Rift display black with MSI GT83VR notebook

Level 2
Hi - I'm getting sound but no display when connecting my new Rift to the HDMI port at the rear of my MSI GT83VR notebook. It's running dual GTX980 graphics cards in SLI - the Oculus app stated that it meets or exceeds the minimum requirements to use the Rift. The light in the headset is amber.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

Level 8
It's a USB issue. Try plugging in your sensor to another USB port. Disconnect anything that is not required and test again. You could be having a video card issue, I don't have any experience with notebook setups. When my screen was going black and the light was amber, it was either a USB issue, or my extension cable for the rift needed an HDMI repeater. 
Inateck USB 3.0

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Level 2
Thanks, Maxx - I'll give it a go

Level 2
Same issue here tryed ur tips didnt work sad day  😞

Level 3
Same problem! Amber light no display tried all the USB ports tried display adapters. Anyone know how to fix this?

Level 2
I have the same issue ... sometimes it works though but then it flickers like crazy

Level 2
ok I think I figured it out.

you have to use an adapter that supports 4k HDMI 2.0
if you try anything else it wont work. I have a an display port to HDMI but it didn't work.

also MSI confirmed to me that using the built in HDMI wont make it work. they managed to get it working by using a USB type C adapter to HDMI.

this is a link from other thread.

I've seen 2 people with black screens get it working with this, might be worth a shot.

hope this will help.

am waiting my adapter and will let you know once I receive it.


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did it work Omar?

Level 3
I can confirm this works, we had the same model laptop at work and the Oculus would not turn on no matter what we tried. Then we got the mini DP to HDMI 4K adapter and it works great now. Also you need to turn off sli in the nvidia control panel.

Level 2
Hey, checking this thread...I have the MSI GT73vr and am having the same sort of issues? Are you saying we need an extension for the HDMI port? My screen goes to black as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated.