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Oculus Rift sound only on speakers.

Level 4
Ok, everything was fine, I left my OR for just over a month and came back to it recently. Some updates downloaded and suddenly some of my games don't want to use my OR headset to play sound but force PC speakers.
I've got the option to listen to sound from my PC on OR headphones ticked on but it doesn't work.
I can't play Skyrim for example cause whatever I do the sound just goes to speakers. Same goes with Elite Dangerous.

Level 15
Can't you just click the little speaker icon in your notification area on your desktop and change it to Rift there?
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Level 13
Windows does a lot of amazing things and can guess pretty well on where to set things - but yes it can make mistakes as well so dburne right, I would check if windows is displaying your sound first in the sound manager first and reset it if it is.

If you are still having problems, welcome to always create a ticket with Oculus directly as well.