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Oculus Rift through Remote Desktop

Level 2
In my home I have a gaming server plugged into our main location, if we want to play games with remote into the server and play.

I've noticed that the Rift App for some reason doesn't like the Microsoft Enbeded Remote App (Remote Desktop) but I'm able to use Chrome Remote Desktop to login and start the App and play the rift. 

NOTE - The physical play of the RIft if coming from the Physical Gaming Server where everything is plugged in so I only use the Remote App to launch the app.

Is there something I'm missing on why it launch's in Chrome Desktop but not the native Windows Remote Desktop?

See below for examples

When I launch in Microsoft Remote Desktop

When I launch Chrome Desktop 

Level 2

Since it's been over a year and no one else seems to want to weigh in on this issue, I'd like to add my own findings in this reasoning. It has to do with the way that Windows handles it's own Remote Desktop connections. They do a lot more tunneling, hosting what would be a 'virtual' session, so you're not actually logged in to the computer as you are through apps like Chrome Remote Desktop/TeamViewer.


I'm gonna take a guess (as I haven't done too much research into this topic and am by no means a Windows IT expert) that this 'virtual' session has it's own device management that is separated from what's physically connected to the PC. Which is quite unfortunate, as I feel that that must be possible for Windows to offer up to their remote connections securely, but it seems they left it out of their design decisions.

Level 2

I have been fighting with this issue for months.  I believe you are 100% correct and that has been my observation as well, that when connecting over RDP you are somehow in some kind of "sub session" that is not actually the same "user" and therefore some apps won't work correctly, most notably Oculus and Steam.  It's infuriating!  I can't use TeamViewer because it prevents the machine from ever going to sleep if it's installed (even if not active).  I'll give Chrome RD a try though, appreciate the suggestion.