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Oculus Support is HORRIBLE

Level 2

I am beyond angry with Oculus and their support team. I sent out my Quest 2 Left and Right controllers, due to joystick drift, a week before Thanksgiving to try to avoid all of the Black Friday delays and Christmas delays. Oculus support had told me they received my right controller but not my left. I then got an email on December 8th that they had both of my controllers and that I would receive them in 2-4 business days. It is January 11th and I still have no left controller. I have spoken to Kasian, Anthony, and Steven about this and they refuse to send me any updates on finding the controller. They all said that they will email when their is an update, yet it is far too long for me to need updates. I need answers. My father has also emailed Steven, who is currently assigned to my ticket, and they never responded. I had sent an email today saying I am so upset with the lack of communication. I feel like the team doesn't actually want to help me out with this situation. I have check the Oculus to see if the left controller is in stock, which it is. I am not going to pay $70 USD when I was told it was under my warranty. I have never had worse customer service than this. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Daisy_games29! After reviewing your open ticket, we see the what a hardship this process has been for you. We want to make this right, and so we are currently investigating this issue for you. We are working diligently to resolve your issue, and we will be sure to get back to you as more information becomes available. Your frustration is well understood, and it is our goal to get past this and get you back to your gaming experience. 

Level 4

I feel for you. I have been getting the run around for the past 20 days. I’m trying to purchase games but evidently Oculus doesn’t want or need me to buy anything from them. Because they have made it abundantly clear that they don’t care about the customer.

Can you look into my ticket and have someone reply back to my emails that are frequently ignored?  My issue has been going on for a month. I need a replacement for my 3 (now 4 month) old elite headstrap with battery and I am being told there is a mysterious issue with emailing the return labels and I will be updated as soon as they know. I have spoken to many agents. The last one who is supposedly on my case is called Ipek.


It is unacceptable and ridiculous the length of time and vagueness that is being put into the excuses. If an understandable reason was given, maybe it would be less agitating, but the excuse and answer of "we don't know, please wait' and ignoring offered solutions is causing a big dissatisfaction in your customer base. These reports are increasing daily from your customers.


I used to really love oculus customer service, but it's turning into a bad one

Level 2

Good luck. Seems customer service is just a bot. They regularly disconnect from chats, send updates for contact timeframes that never happen, and offer no solutions at all. It has been almost a month. I recommend reporting your complaint to the Better Business Bureau. At this point, it seems like theft. Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.