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Oculus Support is Horrid

Level 2

I have never seen a more incompetent group than Oculus support. They drag their feet playing goofy games to avoid doing anything, then come back to ask yet another question or demand another thing, just to go back into a hole and waste more time before coming back with another question or demand. It's horrible. Often asking the same question because they apparently can't be bothered to read previous threads or read previous notes. And their staff isn't even educated on their own products.


My most recent issue was the Elite Strap's plastic cracked and broke well before warranty expired. They wanted a serial number. I asked where the serial number is on a strap. They didn't seem to know. Eventually they said "if you can't find the serial number, give us the number of the headset". Why ask for the strap serial number if it's not there? Seriously? Then I give them a photo of my headset serial number, and they ask for another photo because it wasn't clear enough. Finally when they decided to replace it, they had me ship the $10 worth of plastic back, and won't even cross ship it. Really? You can't cross ship a $50 item? Still waiting for the replacement. Weeeee.


Before that, I had the Quest 2's headset USB port fry. That took forever as they kept going back to "Decide" what to do. Then they asked for photos of the USB port, cause that is going to tell them something. I have never seen so much foot dragging. It's like they could not care any less. Really? Whatever.


Seriously, train your customer support people and encourage them to try to at least pretend like they care about your customers. If you are going to buy up the VR market share, do at least support right..... ๐Ÿ˜ž


Level 3

And it's not like they don't have enough money/resources to properly support their products, since these things are selling like hotcakes... I wonder if they just constructed them so poorly that they are all falling apart so much that they are basically having to constantly replace them... I actually paid an extra $60 for a 3 year warranty on my Quest 1, and still couldn't get them to help me when I had problems...