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Oculus Support is a joke

Level 3
Anyone else have an RMA in process with Oculus support? I was told by their support that the turn around for shipping a new Quest 2 kit would be 2-3 days after they receive my RMA'd headset. My headset was delivered to Facebook Technologies on December 3rd, but they haven't even provided an update that confirms they've received it. They told me to contact UPS and "thanks for being patient" whenever I ask them about the current status. This is an absolute joke and the worse support experience for any tech product I've ever purchased. I don't understand what is difficult about setting proper expectations with the customer and communicating accurate information. I can tell you one thing, this is the last Oculus product I will ever purchase, and I will be recommending any of my friends interested in their products to avoid them.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey, we're really sorry to hear that your experience with our Support team has been less than satisfactory. We can definitely understand how delays in the replacement process can cause frustration as well, and please rest assured that we want to get you back into VR as quickly as possible. Could you please provide the ticket number so that we can look into this and see what's going on? Thanks.

Level 13
Hopefully you put the RMA number on the outside of the box as requested or it's probably an  unknown random box that just showed up and has to be found.  I did an RMA on the first Rift CV1.  Turn around was decent, but I remember it specifically said to put the RMA # on the box or it could get lost.

Level 3
I followed the RMA instructions to the exact specification. It was also an RMA specific shipping label from Oculus support that included all of the RMA information on it. My ticket number is #1941282. The incredible thing is - my frustration is with the vague communication and poor expectation setting - not that I haven't received the replacement headset yet. Just communicate! Don't tell the customer it will take 3 days to turn around an RMA replacement, then say it could take up to 8-12 days to receive the new kit. It's now been a month since this process has started and I have no idea what is going on, even though I was told a new kit would be shipped within 3 days after it was received. The only response I receive from support when I email them is - "Thank you for the patience while we are working on this ticket. We will get back to you soon." 

Level 2
No other comments from the Oculus team ?   I hope my new purchase doesn't go down if this is what to expect.

Level 4
Has anyone had any luck getting Facebook or Oculus Support to rectify this situation?

I created a FB account years ago and never used it.  Now my account has been disabled and I'm stuck with an expensive gift to my kids that cannot be used at all!

Please help my kids are totally disappointed as they wanted this gift for Christmas above all else and I've sent multiple requests to FB and Oculus support since Christmas and have not heard back.

This system of having to have an active FB account is Ridiculous and I'm warning all my friends not to purchase this VR under these circumstances...!

Level 3
I finally got an email yesterday asking to confirm my shipping address because they are looking to ship ASAP, so it's the first positive step, but I have little faith.

There is still multiple reports of tickets being 'deaded' whenever it is time for any meaningful support action to be taken. When are you guys going to resolve this issue? 🙂

Yep they got me I'm still waiting 1 month now

Same boat as you 1 month now no email for me they don't even respond hope you finally got yours