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Oculus Support is even worse than I thought

Level 3



Just wanted to drop here too and say that this is the worst support ever, which I received. If there is anyone who is looking into buying an Oculus product - beware, since if anything goes wrong there is no guarantee you will even get a response


And I don't understand the difficulty of keeping in touch, especially since they have such a great log gatherer. I have a software problem, and it is clear, I gave all the logs, explained anything which I already did. I am not asking to have my issue miraculously solved - all I am asking for are some tips into what else I might have to look into. Can I at least get a response? Can someone at least read what I was writing instead of sending an instruction for Nvidia Control Panel when I clearly wrote that I have AMD?


Honestly, three weeks of owning Quest 2 and only one day, the first one, of actual VR experience. Amazing