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Oculus Support was happy to assist me... until I asked for a warranty covered repair.

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over a week ago I tried to start up a VR session but my Rift S would not turn on. After some struggling I requested a ticket from Oculus Support and within 24 hours I got a response. They tried to find the error in software and I send in log files multiple times. After they suggested something that didn't work for the 3rd time I answered with an e-mail suggesting that it may actually be a hardware issue. And because I live in the EU where the warranty covers me for 2 years (which have almost passed but I still have a few months left) I asked if I could send in the headset for inspection. And then: boom! Complete silence. I haven't heard a word from them since. After multiple days of silence I opened another ticket and got an automated e-mail stating they'll contact me within 2 buisness days. This was over 3 days ago now. This now over 10 days of wasted time. I need a VR headset for a pretty import project I am working on and said project has deadline. I have lost my patience by now. I feel like the Oculus strategy is too stall time until my warranty has run out. Or to encourage me to buy their new products instead by making it impossible to get the old ones repaired.


I am writing this forum post because it feels like the only way to get their god **bleep** attention back is to complain about it in public. I not trying to be a jerk to the guys at customer support, but this is pretty urgent and I want to sort this out asap.