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Oculus Touch Height Issue - Related to HMD-Tracking Sensor Hand-Off and/or Sensor height placement?

Level 7
I think (by this I mean I have, but just need to do more testing) I may have been able to reproduce the height issue by occluding the HMD in specific ways and quickly switching tracking from one sensor to another, but want more info from the community about other possibilities.

The height issue, for anyone that is not familiar, is seen when playing the Rift, and after a certain period of time, you'll see your floor height has moved either up or down. This movement of the floor will then continue to occur throughout gameplay.

Does anyone that HAS the height issue have either their 2 or 3 sensors each placed at different heights? Does anyone that DOES NOT have the height issue have their 2-3 sensors placed at different heights?

Does anyone that HAS the height issue have their 2-3 sensors placed on the same table/same height? More specifically, in a 2 sensor front-facing setup, does anyone have them both on their desk(same height), and still have the height issue occurring?

I really want this issue to go away, and it seems like even though a vocal majority of people on the forums are having issues, there have to be some people out there without these issues.. right? I'm just wondering what works and what doesn't.

PC Specs:
Intel i7-6700k @ 4.5 Ghz
Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3 Motherboard
16 GB CAS-10 RAM @ 2400 MHz
Startech 4-port/4-USB controller add-on card
850W Corsair HX850 PSU
4-Sensor, Roomscale Setup

Level 4
I literlay tried everything.. all my sensors are at the exact smae height.. and i have the perfect room for it.,. not to big and not to small...but since the update most of my standing vr games are unplayable.. sometimes i am 20 cm from the ground..and sometimes i am up the ceiling... before the update i only had the height shifting glitch when turning my head to the 3rd camera behind me...that was gone after the update... but  now with this new bug its got the state that most of my games are unplayable..  i had the rift from day one.. but i have more problems than fun with it..  for now i am done with it..and back to console gaming.. til they finaly sort this shit out..