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Oculus Touch connection

Level 2
Hi guys,

I am planning to buy an Oculus Rift S but I am a bit afraid regarding the Oculus Touch Connection.
The question is the following:

Does the Touch need a computer to be able to handle wifi, bluetooth or whatever the wireless connection they are using, or is this connection handled directly by the Rift S package hardware?

In fact, my computer does not have any support for wireless connections as I don't need them currently (using ethernet for internet and no wireless stuff).
So, in order to use the Rift S, do I need to buy a wifi / bluetooth / [...] card to support the Oculus Touch or not?

As I didn't found any information regarding this anywhere, I'm asking you guys about it.

Thanks !

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @TheBesto, the Touch controllers pair to the headset and not directly to your computer. Your computer doesn't need a wireless connection for the controllers. Thanks! -Rick

Level 2
That's great news !
Thanks for the quick response.