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Oculus VR Library Service refuses to start (Win 7)

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Firstly, i know and understand Win 7 is out of date, and when i can i will be moving onto Win 10, however i cannot right now due to finances and i can also see lots of uses with Win 10 are still having issues getting this working, the only reason why i would update to 10 is to get my VR back working but only after i have exhausted every other option, besides its not even going to be a certainty it will work on 10....


That being said, if there's no support for Windows 7 now, why does the latest installer do a check for Win 7 KB-Hotfixes?


This is a fresh install of Win 7 Ultimate, fully updated


I managed to install the Oculus app with surprisingly very little trouble (including the march patch), start the app and i get the error 'can't reach oculus service' and the repair does not work either

The issue i am having is the 'Oculus VR library Service' in Services will not start, when i try to manually start it i get this error message:

"Windows could not start the Oculus VR Library Service on Local Computer. for more information, review the system event log. if this is a non-microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 18."


Now if i go into the installed directory and find the 'OVRServer_x64.exe' in Support\oculus-runtime and try to run it from there i get this error message:

"OVRServer_x64.exe - Entry Point Not Found, The procedure entry point GetHostNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll"


How can i resolve this error? 


(and please don't say by installing Win 10, that is about as useful and as welcome as a fart in an elevator and it stinks too!)


Thank you for taking the time


Accepted Solutions

Level 3

Update: Can not get this to work on win 7 even with a fresh install with all updates, only wanted this to work on 7 as i have other software that does not work well or at all on win 10 and would have been more convenient for me then switching OS's every time i wanted to use VR. I have installed win 10 on another drive as a VR only system and the software install on there with only a minor issue that i resolved.


I recommend anyone else trying to install on win 7 to forget it, Microsoft still offer a free update to win 10, so i suggest getting another genuine copy of 7 and updating the to win 10.


Message to Facebook/Oculus: (which probably wont be seen by them but its worth mentioning) Please update your Oculus software to not even attempt to install on win 7, give a mesage saying it can not install on an unsupported OS insted of going through the motions of installing, checking for updates, failing to recognise the updates even with your update fix patch, and even after installing, always failing to load the library service.

It is obvious you do not want it to be run on anything less then win 10, so please just block it from even trying with a message asking to update the OS


After taking care of my mother for years not even using VR during this time, comming back to it not working, trying a reinstall on win 7 and not being able to use it for a little escapism afterward, being made to install win 10 (the ugliest OS i have ever seen in my opinion) and now also looking like ill be forced to create a Facebook account just to use it (just to artificially bump up Facebook account numbers, again in my opinion) i personally do not care about any social aspects you want to put in.


as for the community: i really hope not everyone is as toxic as some that have replied to me here for asking a question, sure its an unsupported OS and i accept that, but there was no need for the attitudes i recieved for wanting the choice, choice is being stripped away, ui customization in win 10 is woeful at best without using 3rd party software.


Thank you Oculus (not Facebook) for creating VR in the first place, but after everything i have been through, i think when i am financially stable again i may move move to the HTC Vive or something.

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One question, Have you downloaded and played Star Wars Pinball on steam?

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Um...i'm not sure what that has to do with it... a technical reason i'm guessing, but no i haven't.

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If you are silly enough to stick only with win7 maybe at least consider a dual boot win10/win7 setup.  Win7 by itself will continue to be a bigger and bigger problem for good PCVR imho.  I hope I never need to share an elevator with you, lol!

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I never said i was going to stick with Win 7 forever and you would have realized that if you read my post a little more carefully, i do intend to get Win 10 and i do intend to have both installed one day soonish. Oculus worked fine on my Win 7 setup until these latest versions, in-fact it still works with the old 0.8.0 SDK version, the newest installer does a check for Win 7 updates it needs


And i guess my elevator joke/statement went completely over your head....

@Chipmunks85 Oculus has not supported win7 for quite a while now so please do not be too surprised if things do not work well with it anymore.  Not exactly rocket science mate, lol!

9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Yeah your pretty screwed.

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If its not supported, why does the installer still work for Win 7 and why does it do a check for certain updates for it? if its not supported then it should not even install, that is my argument!


First time i have ever asked about a problem here and the community is feeling pretty toxic already...


Others have got it to work on 7, i have stated where i'm stuck at, so can anyone HELPFUL please advise how to get that service started please? i had no real problems installing the software or the update, if its not supported for 7 it should not be allowed to install in the first place!


Edit: i have also stated i will be getting 10 at some point, but i'm not side grading to 10 just for VR, its not THAT important to me, one of the main reasons i do not like 10 is that stupid (in my opinion) tile based start menu, i'm not sure if there's an option, but if it can be changed to the 7 style of start menu i would get it much sooner, i will put up with it in the future if i really have too, but what i hate is the fact choice is being stripped away, choice and customization makes people happy.

It would be very helpful to you in the future to respond to people in a respectful way.


Any time you download and run any program, if your operating system loads the program, it is no guarantee the program will execute without bugs especially if the developer has stopped fixing bugs for the operating system you're using.

If you're going to insist that it work with your outdated and unsupported operating system then you have a needle to find in the internet haystack. Good luck with that.

You're not likely to find many here who insist on using the wrong OS when VR can be buggy enough already   mmk?

Level 3

"yeah your pretty screwed" how is that polite and respectful? 


how was i not polite and respectful? asking if someone 'helpful' could advise me? did that offend you? i am really confused as to what you are referring to.


You are not adding ANYTHING useful at all, why are you even replying?


Again, with all due respects, if it not supported or designed for Win 7, why does it install? why does it do checks for KB updates in Win 7? if its not going to work on 7 at all then surly the latest installer should just refuse to work on 7 with a message to update to 8 or 10. If the installer did that then a lot of 7 users including myself (until i get 10 like i said i would before now) won't be confused and would not be making posts asking for technical help.