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Oculus VR Runtime Service interfering with other apps

Level 2
I've been using my Quest 2 since December, and a new problem has cropped up, maybe 3 weeks ago.  Even when I'm not using the Quest 2, Rocket League, via Epic, will randomly (and often) minimize itself.  I need to hit alt-tab to get back into the game, which really puts a dent in my gameplay.

It can happen when I'm just sitting at the main menu, or (more often, and most frustratingly) in the middle of gameplay.  I was trying everything to figure out what was causing it, and in the process noticed that Oculus' app would make a little spike in the Task Manager, when it happened.  So, I disabled the Oculus VR Runtime Service, and no more minimizations.  When I turn the service back on, I get the minimizations again, so this is definitely the culprit.

I have the headset and controllers on my desk, fairly close to where my mouse is, and I have occasionally bumped them, during gameplay, but there doesn't seem to be any correlation between when I use the mouse and when the minimizations happen - as I said, sometimes it happens in the menu, when I'm not touching anything.

For now, I just stop the service before I play Rocket League, but that seems pretty klugey.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Is Oculus aware?  Is this a good way to MAKE them aware?