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Oculus android app failing at safety video

Level 2
Hi, I'm trying to setup a Quest headset and having trouble in the app.
I can get through all of the stages but when I try to play the safety video the screen goes black showing either a white triangle/play symbol in the middle of the screen or a grey wireless logo with an exclamation mark through the middle of it (I have tried a few times) when I press the screen 0:00 appears in the bottom left of the screen and -0:00 appears in the bottom right.
In the headset the "Updating your headset....." message is displayed but goes.
I have tried leaving the headset to finish updating but nothing happens.
I am using an LGG5 phone.

Level 2
I'm having similar problems, but for me the app is showing the video and then just hanging when it gets to the end. Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

Level 2
I have the same problem i get to the ackknowlegment button but can t connect