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Oculus app setup cant connect please check connection

Level 2

Every time I try and run the setup for the app, i get as far as agreeing to the terms and then it says it failed to connect and to please check connection.. I've tried everything at this point and its super disappointing... Every video i see online says this is a no brainer with no issues but that isnt the case, could anyone possibly help?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @loverzheadset! If you haven't already, please ether chat (bottom right) with us or create a support ticket (top right) with us here and we will be happy to look into the setup issue. Thanks!

Level 3

Was your problem ever resolved? I have the same issue.

Level 2

Apparently it's  because the servers are down and ahve been for 15 hours. Nothing to do but wait for them to fix them...