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Oculus changes game install directory randomly

Level 4
I have my Oculus setup set to install games to an external hard drive. However Oculus randomly will change the install directory to my C: drive. The only way to fix this that I've found is to save the redistributable folder, uninstall Oculus, then re-install it at the new directory. It then recognizes the games again. This is obviously quite a hassle, so I've taken to not using Oculus home as a game launcher. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Level 15
I didn't think that external drives were supported, so I'm surprised that even worked at all. A future update should have better support for different drives, so you may have to hang tight for a little bit.
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Level 4
That's unfortunate. In the mean time would it be possible to point me to the place where Oculus Home saves the path it thinks the games are in? I don't care if it's in a file or registry. I'm fine with writing a script to change it to what it should be and setting that to run each time before I run Oculus Home. I looked for it earlier but couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks!