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Oculus fix your download servers asap - Or I'll be refunding both my devices before the month is up.

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"Co-op and VR go together like the Oculus Quest 2 and wireless roomscale"

My Oculus Experience so far....

<Purchased Oculus Rift S>
before the holiday rush, downloaded beat saber... Fell in love with it

Dec:  Purchased an Oculus Quest 2 - I knew it wasn't as powerful as the Rift S but between the Fiber USBC cable and the fact that most of the coop games my wife and I would play being supported by quest 2 I figured it would be good enough and the added bonus of wireless was nice.

<Attempted to play together - Found out Oculus Rift S is like Xbox and Oculus Quest 2 is like Playstation they require cross play and most games do not allow it>
Both devices are made by oculus - both games were purchased on the oculus store on different facebook accounts.  It's like buying an Xbox and then having to buy the game 4 times for every controller you plug in, and then you find out if one of the controllers is blue it doesn't work with the other 3 white ones.  This is absurd

We saw Arizona Sunshine on sale and it had co-op and was highly reviewed - I attempt to download it and it comes up windows defender thinks its a Trojan keylogger with the threat severe.  So I add an exception for it, still wont install, I turn off the defender and firewall, still wont install, I delete all files for it, Delete the oculus store app, restart the computer, turn off the defender and firewall and go back to the oculus website to download the store app and begin the process again.

Only now I'm downloading the store at about about 20Mbps and then at around 216MB downloaded it just stops and goes to 0 bytes / s

I try it again, it says 0 Bytes / s but the bar goes to where it was before 216MB... Contact support they give me a bunch of useless things to try including downloading an optional update for windows that added some random features that were completely unrelated. This didn't solve it

Hours later I tried again and it made it to 1.89GB..  still a long way to go... and same thing it stopped and the speed went to 0 bytes /s

The next day I tried it again and it went from start to finish, which tells me its likely their servers were overloaded.

managed to download Arizona sunshine with the all protection turned off - we tried co-op and couldn't join together, apparently the quest 2 needs to be plugged into a PC with the rift link in order for that game to co-op with an S.  Ok that's fine we have a 2nd computer that has a 1060 Ti that'll do the trick

But now its late and she's gone to bed... 

So I go to download Asgard's Wrath - which advertises it requires 132GB space.  No problem I have a 1TB M.2 SSD and two 850 Evo 500GB SSDs
Just incase I turn off the windows defender and begin downloading.. it makes it to about 16GB's and then stops and says it's failed.. I attempt it again only now its instantly failing.

horrible co-op experience between devices of the same brand, insanely bad store app   If people were aware how bad the state of things are before they purchased their device I'm pretty sure they'd have bit the bullet and waited for HTC to come down in price.

So now I'm left with - Buy 2 Oculus quest 2 devices, 2 accounts, 2 copies of every game... and you might have an ok experience...   "IF" you can download the games sometime in the future.

Hard pass - Anyone have recommendations on a device that works the way it should for the price tag?

Level 5
Try VPN Worked for me

Level 4
Yeah, Oculus either have a load balancing problem (as someone mentioned on my post, they're limiting how many connections are allowed and then shutting down access from IPs until a period of time has passed, which is why VPNs work) or their servers are simply swamped and unable to cope with demand based on region.

My experience, like yours, is that without any changes to my PC (even rebooting), games installs will simply start to work again after a period of time.

As fishhunt says, a VPN can address 95% of client and games download issues from Oculus (and I can personally confirm that) but go into that VPN world with your eyes open and buy the right VPN, not free ones. Don't endanger yourself.

Level 4