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Oculus home = Black Screen

Level 2
Everything was working fine until Microsoft did an update. Now the Oculus home (in VR) is a black screen. I can hear the fireplace in the background, but no visuals. I tired re-installing Oculus from the ground up, but can only get to the part of the setup that says "continue in your headset". Again, I can hear it, but not see anything. Strangely, SteamVR still works. also.... before I tried to reinstall, I could still use "some" of the apps by launching them from my desktop. (Lone Echo)

Level 2
Hey Cmdr_Takoda i had the same  problem too. Try to set your video resolution to a lower one i think it will work.

Level 2
hello i had buyed my cv1 for a week and i have exact the same problems
all drivers are updated
oculus home is black with sound
some apps like echo arena und the steam vr works other apps like coco the same problem...
is there any solution ?

Level 3
I had the same problem when i downgraded my nvidia drivers, so i have to go back to the latest but losing vr performance in Elite Dangerous :neutral:

Level 2
the downgrade was not sucessfully for me-.-

Level 2
oh i have seen the tip with the desktopscreen resolution
this was the problem...i have set my fullhd main screen to hd ready...and now  after 5 days to test all....all games and oculus home starts without problems.....thanks for the tip...i hope their comes an update!!!