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Oculus home broken and unusable?

Level 4
For some reason, mouse button does not work to select anything in oculus home. I know oculus could  not possibly forgot it as is the default select key for all windows since win 95, So how do you get it to work?

Level 9
Mine is working fine - have you rebooted the computer since first having the issue? (Worth asking, as that solves 97% of computer issues.) If that doesn't help you might have to re-install the software?

Level 4
Yes, rebooted etc, but other friends with dk2 also say they cant find anyway to use oculus home. it seems there is simply no way to select anything? you can look around, but no keyboard or mouse button works to actually pick anything?

Level 7
It's designed for a controller. (or the remote I guess)

The desktop version of it works with kb/mouse though, so you can launch it from the desktop and then put your headset on.... or virtual desktop.
CV1: Ordered 6th Jan 2016 - Est Delivery Some time in May... DK2: Ordered: 8th of Aug 2014 - Delivered: 14 Oct 2014

Level 4
I get the designed for a joypad, but I'm a IT technician, putting on the rift works visually, but i cant really believe they forgot to include mouse or keyboard keystrokes, Simply not possible? 

Level 7
Oculus Home only supports the CV1 officially, and it comes with the controller and the remote (both wireless). They did intentionally leave out mouse and keyboard support in Home. It is a bit silly.

Level 5
I do use a wired Xbox controller but, for times when I don't have it plugged in, the space bar functions as the select button for me; although, it works much of the time but, not 100%.