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Oculus home empty

Level 3

I logged in my oculus home and was empty.

I tryed do a new home but say me "that object is used in another home go to and try to recover it".

WTF.. Help me plz i spend a lot hours decorating it and dont want do it again. 


Level 3

Same issue here with Rift S.

Have a support ticket and all the usual initial responses have failed to resolve.

Rebooted computer, restarted Oculus, repaired Oculus, uninstalled and reinstalled Oculus. The only thing that got me was having to reinstall all my apps from the library.

Objects are gone, but items are not in inventory as if they are being used somewhere else.

Placing a new object in an empty home would work and deplete it from inventory, but as soon as you leave that home the object would disappear and stay depleted from inventory.

On rare occasion, items would briefly reappear, but then disappear and a pop up would state unable to contact Oculus Servers, so this is a server issue, not an end user issue.

Hope this gets resolved, I've spent hours arranging 4 different homes.