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Oculus home import units and sizing

Level 5
I have a bust my son made with Medium and am trying to import it.  When I just exported the obj and converted to glb, the object came in about 10X the size of the room.  So a couple questions:
1) what are the unit of Medium
2) what are the units of Oculus home and the size of the space?

Next, I tried resizing the object with Win10 3d builder.  This is a pretty useful app and allowed me to settle the bust flat, set the units, and scale.  I scaled the bust thusly to 200mm but it still came into Oculus home about 10x the size of the room. OK,  I shrunk it again, this time to 10mm.  Same thing.  So.. what is the procedure for taking a object from Medium and scaling it to someting compatible with Oculus home?

I am using this tool to convert obj to glb.
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Level 4
I want to know too !!!!

I have exactly the same problem, very huge or very small :'( :'(

I have a lot of good and beatifull objects but I can't import them because of the size

How do you scale objects ?
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Level 5
Found this guide here:

it's still finicky and you may need to adjust the scale lower than mentioned, but it's kinda working for me at present.
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Level 9
I also got a size problem with my imported objects. They're always huge, and changing the original object's size doesn't affect the apparent size in Home!

- First, I tried to put a .pmx model in Home. I converted it in .FBX with Blender, then converted it in .GLB, then I put it in Home. The original model is around 1.5 m high, yet it appears huge in Home, so I shrank it to 1/10th of its original size, converted it again and put in Home. The new model is as huge as the previous one despite my changing the size in Blender!

- Then, I tried with a more simple object : a flat plane. This time from Unity, I make a .FBX file which I convert in GLB and import in Home. Again, the object is huge. I shrink it in Unity (again, 1/10th), do that process again to put it in Home... and still no change at all.

Anyway, Monstaah's got the solution ^^. Basically, if your GLB file is too big, open it with three.js (it's an online object editor), change the size of that object, save it as .GLB again and you will have a smaller object in Home.

Honestly, Oculus Home is great and keeps getting better, but it REALLY needs a built-in size-editing feature. That way, even though the imported objects come way bigger than it should, it wouldn't be much trouble to solve that.
Besides, Steam Home's got that since the beginning! Frankly, there's no excuse for Oculus not implementing that already. It's easy to do and is kind of mandatory when it comes to customization.
I'm sick of not being able to choose the size of my objects. I wish I could make smaller targets for high-level archery, or bigger statues, or bigger TVs.
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Level 4
I have been playing around with this as well these last few weeks on and off. I have found that I could make 3D objects out of my images using Microsoft Paint 3D.. but size is a problem. It can be changed in Paint 3D as well, just a bit difficult to tell what sizes are actually good to aim for... but I guess its all about making one model, maybe a human model or something, that is the size of an average person, to be used to find the right size.

Another tool I have found is this:

But it watermarks the 3D objects you make it seems. Not sure if you can pay to have it removed or something.

Level 7
I looks like scalability of objects is coming in a future release,  as when you first open a custom object, there is a bounding box with what look like grab points, that I'm assuming will allow us to scale the object in a coming release.

Just my thoughts, nothing definitive from Oculus! 🙂
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