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Oculus home rooms randomly empty?

Level 3

My oculus home randomly deleted every object from all of my rooms. All of my rooms are empty. Why did this happen? Can I recover the rooms I spent hours decorating and arranging?


Level 2

Yeah happened to me too, brand new quest 2 with only a week old install of software, only just got to arranging objects, next day gone. Tried cable, airlink and new install with no success. I only get objects when placing from menu or oculus templates, no fan made content and it's only last til it reloads, soo no clue

Level 3

Good Morning,
I have been hoping that that some young genius would up load a computer based program to run Oculur, all this server based stuff gives them too much control.
I read that membership to Face Book will eventually be mandatory to log in.
Oh for the days of games on CDs : )
You cannot even sell games on now,
This problem will be fixed, I have had a rift since they first came out.
In the words of the song "Don't Worry Be Happy" : )
God Bless and please don't be tempted to use the f word its horrible, in the past it was a fifthly word, not a part of every day conversation, not that any of you gentleman have so far : ).

Level 4

this was also reported in the FB group "Oculus Home" by some members last week. And today i checked my home(s) after rendering 4Gb of 3d models to import, that my home is also empty. I cant even go to another home of mine, and cant open my inventory either. I recently registerated for their new platform 'Horizon', maybe that will be the reason, they delete your home so you can go to Horizon. Maybe its because they are close to about releasing Horizon for the public....?!!!! who knows. Its very pity because i like Home(s) alot.
I hope its a server problem that they will fix soon and that im wrong in my thoughts...........

Level 4

Has everyone reported their issue to Oculus Support?  Be sure to do so if you haven't already.


So it seems like there are folks having this issue:

- With and without custom models

- With and without Facebook account linking

- With Oculus accounts from pre- and post-Facebook requirement

- With Quest and Rift headsets

- With and without registering for Horizon

Oculus Rift CV1, Touch, 3 Sensors, GeForce GTX 1080

how to report to support?

Level 4

I hope they allow us to keep our home space. If they are only going to keep re-giving us the same "free" objects every week, they can stop doing that now.

I am using some custom items, haven't tried placing any of them into my now empty home for fear it will save and keep my empty home empty permanently.

If they want to replace home with something else for horizons, that's cool, but I hope they don't totally Axe our homes we've been living in up until now. If they want to stop "supporting" it by not giving us the same 15 models over and over again like it's a big surprise each week, that's fine with me.

Level 4

For anyone asking "how to report", just go to the Customer Support section of the official site and keep clicking around until you find a link to "open a support ticket". Then you can text them the problem and wait up to 3 days for a response (usually you hear from them in a day or so).

Yesterday night when I started into my home again everything was back. There where hanging a few items in the air because I did something with the controllers. So I put all the things where it should be and visit my other rooms. But they are empty. When I got back to my previous room, it was empty again.

lol, the same boring items over and over again, .... so true 👍 😄 👍 i read that you can open the .pak file with a UT unity viewer and delete those default boring items from your inventory though... not yet tested it though
you re right, i dont do that either, fear to loose my previous settings. I had custom templates too but they dont load atm so i cant use my sandbox to test it. 😞 
The support link, someone already gave it to me, its sunday, so lazy day today 😜

Level 3

Ok, please tell us what the support said about this mess.