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Oculus home rooms randomly empty?

Level 3

My oculus home randomly deleted every object from all of my rooms. All of my rooms are empty. Why did this happen? Can I recover the rooms I spent hours decorating and arranging?


Level 3

Oculus treats us as stupid as if it were our fault when in fact it is his.

Level 2


Level 3

I am suffering from the same bug. I haven't logged in for a few days, but just arrived 'Home' to find that I have been burgled. I have an empty home and all of my furniture is apparently in another place...

I think everyone should send in a support ticket for this or they won't understand it's an issue.  This is a software issue it destroyed all of the houses... not just a few.  Some of the support responses I've seen here indicate they don't understand that.

Level 2

Logged in and everything in home was gone. Says items are in another home. I have two and they are both empty. I did a clear and recover in both homes.  Been like this for 3 days. I submitted a ticket.

Level 3

Sounds to me like the support folks don't know what they are talking about since they're giving out different solutions. No surprise there. My solution, as posted earlier, was to recreate my home. Lol. That took forever. Not doing that again. I second what others have said. Create a ticket. Not sure if I would re-do my home yet. There is a slim chance they will fix it. I would think if you re-did your home now you will lose the old one when you save the new.

Level 3

This did happen before a few years ago and it did eventually get fixed. Whether that will happen this time is anyone's guess.


Hi!  Would you mind letting me know how you got those links? Save me some time looking that up. I did make my homes public and you are welcome to visit, but there's no point until Oculus either fixes the problem or gives us bad news that they irretrievably lost the links to our data (or decided to not fix it).


BTW, my homes are all still empty after the Oculus update rolled out this afternoon.

Love that 'burgled'. 

Level 5

Same happened to me and it makes me sad 😞
Just wanted to get home after a stressful day only to find that everything is gone...nothing is left not even my beloved Lasergun 😕

But for real now....where is it? Why did this happen? This was my Desktop, my Home and now it's gone 😕

If we could only save/backup our Homes to prevent such a thing in the future. I guess it will never come back.