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Oculus home rooms randomly empty?

Level 3

My oculus home randomly deleted every object from all of my rooms. All of my rooms are empty. Why did this happen? Can I recover the rooms I spent hours decorating and arranging?


Level 4

So glad I ignored Oculus support's suggestion to delete my homes and start over. It took me forever to get my couch and video screen placed "just right".


Now I just need to figure out how to make it remember my cabin theme the first time it loads. It always loads up the modern theme, and then when I hit reload, it's like, oh yeah, you have a cabin theme. For a while thought I had to go back into the editor to re-select the cabin theme and textures, but no, it just need me to reload.

put your first link in my favorite, expect a visit soon 🙂
hope you have portals to the rest of your houses

Level 3

I'll put my house in here too:

Yep. The first link I listed in my comment below is my Waystation with gateways everywhere else. I'll visit yours next time I go into VR space. Thanks for your help.

Level 3

@VanGohman. Yeah I agree. I figured that out when Tech Support started giving different solutions to the same problem.

Level 3

Home again, problem solved.

Level 3

Just had a similar experience today.  The menu disappeared from the environment.

Weird, the menu i said? What do you mean by that? All problems regarding this post are solved 3 weeks ago. I think you better adress your problem to support.