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Oculus home rooms randomly empty?

Level 3

My oculus home randomly deleted every object from all of my rooms. All of my rooms are empty. Why did this happen? Can I recover the rooms I spent hours decorating and arranging?


Level 2

Same here, now when I try to recreate a room all my items from my last room are gone and iot says I never owned them

Level 2

Yup, same here.

Level 3

Are they going to fix this???  This is crazy.  A huge bug. 

Level 3

All gone best try again in the morning I expect they will have sorted it out by then : )


12 midnight here.


God Bless

Yep.  I reported it. No response yet except for questions about my environment.

1) Could I get to my furnished rooms via my RIft (no ... damned broken cable!)

2) What cable am I using for my cable link (one via Amazon but it's worked great until this bug happened)

3) Can I play Rift games using the cable link (yes)

So glad to hear I'm not alone and that it's not my system. 

Level 4

I reported it this evening.  No response yet.

Similar to others, any of the items in the space (stock items and furniture, game-specific rewards, game boxes) are unavailable in my inventory, suggesting they're still "placed" somewhere.  There wasn't anything "custom" that I had to import or anything.

I haven't heard anyone mention anything about it yet, so I'm curious: Does anyone experiencing this issue have their Oculus account tied to a Facebook account?  I do not.


Oculus Rift CV1, Touch, 3 Sensors, GeForce GTX 1080

Yes, mine is tied to my FB account.

Level 3

Mine is not tied to Facebook (that I'm aware of). I've had it for a few years and never chose that option. Same problem though. Room completely empty. Some of my items are said to be in another room. I don't have another room. I'm going to leave things alone. Hopefully it will be fixed. I spent a lot of time customizing it. 

Level 3

Same thing happening to me.  CV1, not using FB login (Using Oculus login).  I spent way too many hour customizing my home space including custom models (that all worked perfectly).  If they can't restore my Home I'm not going to bother with customizing it again.  What a bummer.  I hope they are able to restore it all.

Level 2

Same here. Nothing loads no matter which room I join. Seems like a major thing not to have acknowledged yet.