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Oculus home starts then immediately quits with dk2

Level 2
I am running a standard system i5/16gb/970 gtx, etc. I have had no problems with 0.8, and the dk2 has been working great. However, when I installed oculus home, it showed loading icons for the usb and hdmi connection. I heard that's normal, and to skip. I did, and I'm able to access oculus home and start a game. However, when I do, it tells me i have a pending hardware issue and directs me to the settings where it says the HDMI cable is not connected. It is, and it works fine with 0.8

This happens when the HMD led is orange. When I push the botton on the HMD, the led goes off completely, and the app says everything is connected, and shows no warning about HDMI connection. However, it then immediately kills itself, and gets stuck in a loop of trying to boot, then dying, and so on...

I have attached the log.. it seems to repeat this a lot:

[Service_2016-04-03_17.06.56.txt] 17:06:59.263 {!ERROR!} [OAF ERROR] os\file.cpp(1211) : Access is denied.:  (1971052)

is this to do with permissions? I have turned UAC off, turned off all firewalls and windows defender, and I have ensured the app has full permissions.