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Oculus link button not showing, not working. OpenXR not selectable.

i have an Oculus Quest2 and a Official Link cable.
I managed to connect them, the oculus app and oculus developer app recognize the headset.
I accept the permission to use the oculus link in the headset, and the oculus link button appear, but when I press it, instead of going into the "developer home" it crashes and go back in the main room, and the oculus link button disappear.
Everything is updated to the last version (though oculus app seams buggy, cause I cannot close it sometimes). 
I have repaired, re-installed oculus app, factory resetted the oculus, disabled nvidia overlay, logged in/out both, disabled air link, verified the connection. 
The only thing I can see is that in general settings of the oculus app I cannot press under "Runtime OpenXR" the button "set oculus as active".
Nothing else is giving me problem apparently.

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to go through all these troubleshooting steps. That is truly appreciated and it really helps us narrow down what we need to help you with. So that we can help you further, can you please go ahead and submit a support ticket on our support site? When you are creating a ticket, please make sure to include all the details regarding your issue. Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon.