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Oculus link keeps crashng?

Level 2


Today when I was going to use my oculus link something wierd started happening. When I plugg in my headset (oculus quest 2) and agree to the file sharing to my computer and go into link it starts as normal, but after like 0.5 - 1 second after I start it my oculus quest 2's screen freezes and goes black, then I get 3 pop-ups on my computer that sais:

1. Oculus does not work as it sould be. 

2.  Oculus link has stopped working.

3. We couldn't  find your headset. Connect your headset.


I have tried to re-install the oculus client and factory reset my oculus quest 2 but nothing helps.

I have cheched so my cable and it's working absolutley perfect.

I'm running a intel core i7-9700F CPU and a NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU so I have the requiremets for using a link.


Anyone that have had the same problem or anyone that knows how to fix it? Please help?


Exactly the same problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ALPHA.Boii & @Isidor_Rosendorn, Could you please open a support ticket with us here and include the log files from your system. Thanks!

I already did that but the Support asked me to wait for an update (: