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Oculus link stopped working after weeks

Level 3

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with my Oculus Quest 2 linked to my pc via Oculus app for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, since two days ago it stopped working for no reason: when I try to link the headset to my computer I only get the three dots loading screen for 10 seconds, then it sends me back to my oculus home. I've tried to get the beta version for the oculus link, test the cable (it says the cable is compatible), try another cable, reboot the headset and also reinstall the oculus link app. Nothing seems to work.


Do you know of any update that might have broken this functionality? I literally can't use my headset since all my games are on steam!


Thanks in advance 🙂


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Link, could you open a support ticket with us here and include the log files from your system. Thanks!

Hi, sorry but I forgot to update it here. As I wrote in another thread in this forum, I fixed by setting the laptop to dGPU only: if anyone has a similar problem and is gaming on a laptop, the solution is to deactivate the integrated GPU