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Oculus not responding after DHL lost faulty Oculus Quest

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I've been in contact with Oculus Support for around about a month, in which they provided me a paid return shipping label for my faulty Oculus Quest 1 (broken strap). They assured me that they would send a replacement - so with this promise in mind, I sent off my Oculus. However, the package appeared to be stuck at customs, and upon further inquiring with DHL i discovered that they had lost the package.


Ever since coming to this realisation the rate at which Oculus has responded to me switched from a matter of hours to not at all. I feel like I'm being ignored - it's been around 15 days without a response, even after 4 further emails asking for an update as to this situation.


Has anyone been in this situation before? What should i do further to grab Oculus Supports attention (since they appear to be ignoring me)?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey essex_86! We definitely want to do everything we can in regards to your package being lost in transit. Please submit a support ticket with us here. Please refer to your previous ticket #, as well as this community post and we can do our best to get this sorted!


You can also send us a private message here.


Please click here ( or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us.


Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

I've sent you a private message outlining my issues, is there anything else i can try while i wait for a response?

I wanted to provide them over pm, but since i can't seem to find a response my ticket numbers are:


  • 3302022 - last response 16/09/21
  • 3366872 - never responded to

Hey essex_86! Thank you for providing us with these ticket numbers. We understand how inconvenient and frustrating it is to not get any replies back, and we sincerely apologize that this has been your experience thus far. Rest assured, we are reviewing your support tickets and PM's and are investigating the lost status of your package. We greatly appreciate your extended patience in this matter as these investigations can take a little bit of time. Please keep an eye on your email inbox as we will be reaching out to you there as soon as we have an update. Cheers!