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Oculus onward problems

Level 4
When i buy onward and my oculus, i had a pc with a fresh win10, i7 4770k 3.5ghz run at 3.85 automaticly, 16go RAM, 480go SSD, GTX 980, all good in games, exemple bf4 in 4k with high détails 60fps+.

But onward need to be on low graphics, SS at 0.7 to be playable without low motions. Obviously asw in oculus and Steam are off, onward priority un win10 set to max. I think i have a problem but don't find because others players set there SS to more of 1 with same GC. So i buy a gtx1080ti (only for onward in fact) . Since last update, it was possible to up SS to 1.5 without low motions. ( For a 1080ti it's not a lot i think) 
Since april update, more of SS to 1 is slow motion in smokes 😞
So i think have a great PC , what is the problem?
I check the CPU in game, is not at 50%

Onward is my all Time favorite game, so i'm so sad... Please help

Level 16
Where do you set SS in Onwards? I just purchased it and don't see that setting? I'll let you know if I have slow down if you can point me towards SS setting.

Level 5

Atmos73 said:

The SS sluder is in the StesmVR Beta settings. I have mine set to 1.5 on a 1070 and dong see any problems even on Bazaar which must be the most power hungry map to date.

Do you also turn off ASW?  And have you tried walking through smoke grenades with those settings?

I ask, because I also have a 1070, and when I tried 1.5 just to see if I could tell a difference, (it does make a huge difference btw) and I had a lot of hang-ups, especially if I was anywhere near a smoke grenade.  I haven't tried also turning off asw, so that may have been my problem.  I also haven't had time to try it since the new update either, so who knows, it might not be a problem anymore.

Level 5
Something is wrong with your computer. I have a 1070 with a i7 3700 and I play at 1.5 ss with little to no slowdown. Sometimes in smoke it slows a bit. 

As for setting super sampling I highly recomend you download the new oculus tray tool and set a profile for onward in it.  You an set super sampling and aws to auto adjust as soon as it loads. 

( very important ******) if you have super sampling set in the oculus tray tool AND advanced steam vr is set to a high super sampling the 2 will multiply and it will kill your gameplay !!!!!!! 

Level 5
Also , use the ott to check if ASW kicked back on. You can set the ott to show you windows. Put the ASW window on and see if it says disabled. I remember a few times I thought it was off but it was actually back on. 

Level 4
What is ott?

Level 3
Does anyone find that lobby in Onward is glitchy. Every now and then it stutters when I look around. But then once I'm in the match, it runs fine.